Remember Them. They Fight for Us.

This Christmas season, remember the U.S. troops, especially those stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is a touching reminder of the men and women serving us overseas.

I've heard some people dismissive of the idea of "supporting our troops." They think it's just a matter of sentimentality. Or a cloaked political ploy to garner support for the war. Afterall, what can we do practically to support our troops?

First of all, people of faith can pray for them. Pray for them all. Pray for those individuals you know who are there. Pray for those whose pictures you see. Pray for their families.

But there are other practical things that can be done. My church has adopted two Marines in a helicopter squadron over in Iraq. We've sent everything from battery chargers, to snacks, to videogames, to music, to DVDs, to Christmas gifts and New Years decorations. I know it's meant a lot to them because, thankfully, they have email and have told us so.

I have also gotten to know one of the marines in particular thanks to the emails. He's a fine man doing a job that's not very pleasant to do and takes him away from his young son for far too long. It seems that he likes the email correspondence he's engaged in with various people from my church. I hope so. Because in my opinion I am the lucky one to have gotten to know him better.

But the ways of helping are myriad. The Defense Department has set up a website with dozens of links to groups with information on how to support the troops and their families. Check it out.

What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? -- James, the Brother of Jesus.


Anonymous said…
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Layman said…
I had these posts removed (actuall just one post duplicated) to keep this on topic. Please do not consider this thread a place to debate the merits or methods of the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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