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(Redated and updated): Mark Goodacre and Richard Bauckham: Exploding Sceptical Piffle Before It Explodes!

Is it Easter Season yet? -- last I heard this was still coming Easter season 2014, but it's been in the process of coming now for several years (since at least 2010). I haven't heard anything new about it being still on the way, but since things are kind of slow here right now I'm bumping this post up again to remind people not to panic if someone tries to make hay out of this along with the (so-called) "Gospel of Jesus' Wife", which was pre-marketed the previous autumn (2012) but referring to a much different text (one likely a modern forgery unlike this text). In fact it was a bit of recent news about the 2012GJW which inspired me to wonder whether the 2013GJW was also still coming this Easter: the Smithsonian had made a documentary on the 2012GJW that somehow didn't get released in the USA after a strong scholarly case was made about the text's forgery. A reader at Mark Goodacre's blog happened to find a French version of the documentary on Yo

Atheist Propaganda and religious experience

see Metacrock's Blog today for debunking of Daren Brown's alleged debunking of religious experience. Perhaps nothing scares atheists like feelings. They scared to death of religious experience arguments. Nothing raises their hatred like talking about religious experiences. Daren Brown is some sort of British stage magician who has a new stage act supposedly inducing religious experiences. Atheists waste no time in arguing that this is proof that such experiences are just accidents that mean nothing. He states "I examined the Placebo effect and proved just how powerful fear and faith can be." Of course he assumes that because there is a psychological process that produces faith that then there's no object of faith beyond that process that has any real bearing on life. This is really no different than the one's who claim to stimulate parts of the brain to induce religoius experiences. In calling it "placebo" he's trying to set up