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Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Christian apologists,and atheist counterparts,  and e everyone else, WE will be back after  new years, please check out my Christmas post on Metacorck's blog.  "Christmas and the Crucified God."

Father Brown and the Mystery of the Empty Tomb

Raymond Brown (1928-1998) I am talking about Father Raymond Brown (1928-1998), not the G.K. Chesterton mystery detective but the priest Bible Scholar who wrote Death of the Messiah , [1] The mystery about  Brown is how he could become the darling of those whose position he sought to destroy  and the hated enemy of those whose position he sought to defend? B rown was a devout Catholic he loved Christ he believed in God he sought to strengthen the scholarship of the church he  loved, but he has become hated of the evangelicals and conservative Catholics and hero and champion of the atheists.  He suffered such a bizarre fate to succeed at the cost of being rejected by his brothers and being idolized by those whose theological position he abhorred. Yet I have seen this many times, When I first started  in internet apologetic  it was John Dominic Crossan who the atheists idolized and the Christians hated. I can't document it but I remember well arguing about it quite often. In fac

Did the Author of Mark Invent The Empty Tomb?

The crux of the Easter faith is the empty tomb. Atheists and sketics believe they have proved that Mark made up the empty tomb.Peter Kirby once defended the idea, claiming a huge number of scholars agreed with that. I'm not sure if he still holds to that or not. The paper is still up and the argument was made so I will  refute it. Peter Kirby once wrote: Several schoalrs doubt the historicity of the empty tomb. I intend to set out the reasons for disbelieving the empty tomb story. I will argue that the empty tomb narrative is the invention of the author Mark. This conclusion will be supported by showing that all the reports of the empty tomb are dependent upon Mark, that there are signs of fictional creation in the empty tomb narrative, that the empty tomb story as told by Mark contains improbabilities, and that traditions of the burial and appearances support a reconstruction of the events that excludes the discovery of the empty tomb. [1]  In response I am to focus

No Alternate Versions of the Jesus Story

  The tree of life from the creation story in Gilgamesh. There are no alternate version's of the Jesus story. There are minor differences in different telling's but there are no other versions. For at least 200 years after the original events the very same major outline is kept as it was written in stone. Myth always proliferates but when everyone knows a story is true they don't dare change it. The fact that there's only one basic Jesus story tells us that it's probably a true story. Argument: 1) Mythology tends to proliforate:multiple story versions are common 2) When historical facts are known to a wide audience, people tend not to deny the basic facts of an event. ...a) eye witnesses keep it stairght ...b) People who try to invent new aspects of the event are confronted with the fact that most everyone knows better. ...c) people know the story for a fact and just dont' bother to change it. 3) Story proliforations would probably influence further tellings