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Please answer my poll I really need to know, Is anyone actually reading these long drawn out comment debates? do they mean anything to anyone? please let me know

Mind in TS argumemt


Degenerating Atheists

When I first started doing apologetics online in the late 1990s, I had a policy of taking on even some of the most obscure atheists then known to mankind, on request. A few years ago, I changed that policy and announced that I wouldn't take on anyone online by request as a paid research project. A recent reader request illustrates why.

I was directed to a mindless little blurbfest by some non-entity who calls himself "Terra Firma". In turn, Terra was mindlessly repeating some stuff he had picked up from a former fundy (now atheist) who calls himself "Southern Skeptic". This Southern Skeptic had come up with seven reasons why the Bible was not divinely inspired, which impressed Terra mightily. Among them was this sewer gem:


(If the Bible were inspired) It would be easy to understand.

To some extent, this goes back to 1 and 2. The Bible is cryptic and open to roughly 41,000 interpretations — that we know of.


Oh, really. Let's see now.

1) We have an artificial…

DefendingPremises 4-7 Trascendental Signifier Argument for God

Thesis: Mind is the missing dimension that makes sense out of the TS, and TS plus mind = God

1. Any rational, coherent, and meaningful view of the universe must of necessity presuppose organizing principles (Ops) 2. OP's summed up in TS 3. Modern Thought rejects TS outright or takes out all aspects of mind. 4. Therefore, Modern thought fails to provide arational, coherent, and meaningful view of the universe. 5.minds organize and communicate meaning
6. Therefore universal mind, offers the best understanding of TS
7Concept of God unites TS with universal mind thereforeoffers best explanation
for a view that is Rational, Coherent, and Meaningful (RCM).

4Therefore, Modern thought fails to provide arational, coherent, and meaningful view of the universe. How is modern thought incoherent, irrational, and meaningless? It has a lot of coherent and a degree of rationality but it's missing certain key elements in those areas, that works to undermine the meaning of the whole. The major incoh…