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Further on ENCODE (and SETI, and Biologos etc.)

I've been meaning to gin up some further contemplations on the ENCODE results, as a followup to my previous article , and in reply to my friend the thoughtful and sober atheistic commenter "Blue Devil Knight" who commented on my article starting here in the comments. But I've been distracted by other projects. BDK asks, "What is it specifically that the naturalists are having so much trouble handling?" If you're referring to my opening paragraph, I meant that "proponents of completely non-intentional biological development" were "scrambling defensively in various ways" in relation to "ID and creationist proponents hopping up and down"--which combined with how I closed that sentence ("...and frankly, at first I didn't see what the big deal was."), plus my next large paragraph, means I didn't understand why the ID and creationist proponents were hopping up and down. But such activity would naturall