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Is the Indiana Version of RFRA an Unwarranted Extension of the Freedoms of Religion and Conscience?

A friend of mine shared an article through Facebook from the Atlantic entitled " What Makes Indiana's Religious-Freedom Law Different? " and subtitled "The new statute's defenders claim it simply mirrors existing federal rules, but it contains two provisions that put new obstacles in the path of equality." Towards the end of the article, the author, Garrett Epps, makes this observation: "[I]s the fuss over the Indiana law overblown? No. The statute shows every sign of having been carefully designed to put new obstacles in the path of equality; and it has been publicly sold with deceptive claims that it is 'nothing new.'" With all due respect to Mr. Epps, the article does not point to anything new or insidious in the law that would make this law anything more than an updated restatement by Indiana of the same rights already protected under the federal RFRA (the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act"). Instead, Mr. Epps aimlessly kic