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What is meant when Christians say we have a God-Shaped Hole in our Hearts?

Contrary to the assumptions of many atheists, Christians such as myself do read atheist literature. Quite a bit of it actually. After all, it is pretty difficult to respond to challenges to truth when you don't know the details of the challenges. Presently, I am reading a paper by Guy Kahane, a Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University, which appears to be a Chapter of a forthcoming book entitled Does God Matter? Essays on the Axiological Implications of Theism . The paper, what appears to be a draft (whether it is a first draft or the final draft isn't clear) of Chapter 3 of the book, is entitled, “If There is a Hole it is Not God-Shaped,” and represents Professor Kahane’s efforts to explain that if people have a "hole in their heart" (a feeling of emptiness), it is not because the heart is lacking God. Of course, Professor Kahane is referencing the short-hand claim by Christians that everyone has a God-shaped hole in their heart which can only be filled by Go

Argument from Epistemic Judgement: rebuttle to Bradley Bowen

Bowen-Hinman Debate (Existence of God) my argument 2 Bowen debate My Arg II Hinman I am not arguing to prove the existence of God . Bowen tires to confuse that by muddling the meaning and acts as though if I don't use the phrase "prove the existence of God then there is nothing else I could mean. That is total bunck he;s just ignoring well thought out and well thought of arguments by People like Plantinga with his properly basic arguments, I said up front I defend the proposition that belief in God is rationally warranted, We can regard belief in God in the same way as we think of "God's existence" if one is too unsubtle to distinguish property  between necessity and contingency in relation to being; so be it, Further below when he is claimimg that I never mention God or  his existence well his powers of observation failed him in other regards too.