LDS Tops Google Search for "Jesus Christ"
Some other search engines have different results that are, at heart, the same.

UK blogger Adam Warnock has noted that if you search Google putting in the name "Jesus Christ", the first position is held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, i.e., the Mormon church.

Searching Google for "Jesus Christ" shows the Mormons as top

Wesleyblog wonders wether listings at Google are rigged and asks "how did the Mormons get the top spot?". Well the answer is no the results are not rigged but yes they are very sensitive to links especially those found on blogs.

The mormon site will appear at the top for the search "Jesus Christ" simply because more websites link to that page with the words Jesus Christ in their link. A few sites down is a Campus Crusade site about Jesus from the film. Thus, if you would prefer to see this site as top rather than the mormons simply add a link to the page which is entitled "who is Jesus Christ?" as I have just done, and if enough of your readers also do the same thing the Campus Crusade page will be first and not the mormons.

Actually, when I did the search, I found that not only is the top spot held by the LDS, but the second link is also to an LDS affiliated organization that searches for your family tree. When I run the same seach on Mamma, the first spot is held by PBS Frontline page which describes itself as "an intellectual and visual guide to the new and controversial historical evidence which challenges familiar assumptions about the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity." I am familiar with this page and its reliance upon Jesus Seminar types like L. Michael White and references such gnostic works as "the Gospel of Thomas" and "the Gospel of Mary" as primary sources about Jesus.

The first two links on both Yahoo and Webcrawler appear to be links to sites that are Christian sites (good news). MSN is mixed, listing the entry about Jesus Christ from the Catholic Encyclopedia as the first entry, and the Frontline PBS program as the second.

All in all, it appears that a search for the words "Jesus Christ" on the Internet, depending upon the search engine, could lead one to follow a blind alley in search of God. I hope that Christians will start linking to more Christian sites to move some of these other non-Christian organizations down on Google and Mamma.


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