Mock Darwinist Disclaimers.
Why not have warning stickers on textbooks teaching evolution?

In light of the controvery in Georgia over warning stickers about evolution on science textbooks, the IDEA (Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness) Center has posted a number of mock disclaimers for textbooks teaching evolution here (warning: it is a pdf file). Some are pretty good. My favorite reads:

As you learn evolution, remember that evolution cannot conflict with religion because science and religion deal with separate realms. Religion only deals with morality, values, and subjective faith. Science only finds objective facts. Science requires no faith. If you doubt science and evolution, just remember it is the job of science to provide plausible natural explanations for natural phenomena. If evidence for evolution is lacking, remind yourself that the statements of science must invoke only natural things and processes. The theory of evolution is scientific because it rejects all supernatural phenomena and causations. There’s no faith in that, for scientists cannot allow a divine foot in the door. Only religiously motivated creationists say natural selection excluded God as the explanation, because only they think religion teaches people facts. Don’t let religion tell you which facts to believe and which not to believe. If your religion says God created through miracles, it is wrong. After all, religion oesn’t deal with facts. That’s why science and religion cannot conflict.


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