There is a difference!

From the website of Beyond Belief Media's War on Easter:

Is religion truly dangerous?

Yes. Throughout history, religions in conflict have generally inflicted the maximum possible violence on their perceived enemies. Religions gain power the more they insulate themselves from criticism. In the United States, Christianity has achieved a degree of insulation that is unwarranted — it has power, it makes claims, but our politically correct culture forbids vigorous examination of that power or those claims.

But isn’t Christianity the least dangerous religion?

This past Palm Sunday, the Bible phrase heard most often in many church services was "obedient unto death." A popular sung phrase was, "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?" Mass movements emphasizing vengeance and lockstep obedience have historically been less than benign.

But, at the moment, isn’t Islam more dangerous?

Yes. But Christianity is equally devoid of reason, and it is the most likely source of mindless antagonism of Islam. In a world where nuclear weapons become easier to acquire year by year, we need to neutralize religious fanaticism before it neutralizes us. And we need to start at home.

Now compare this letter written as an opinion to ABS-CBN Interactive by GERONIMO L. SY:

It is most surprising that after selling 40 million copies of his The Da Vinci Code that attacks the core beliefs of Christianity, no one in the Christian world has called for the head of Dan Brown, to demand his death for his blasphemous writing.

Distinguish this with the fatwah against the British author Salman Rushdie for his Satanic Verses and the recent violent deaths over the Danish cartoons satirizing the Prophet Muhammad. A movie version is even coming out this May.

* * *

On the eve of our crisis in Christianity, the following of Dan Brown is but a species of the long and arduous struggle to remain loyal and steadfast to the Triune God, a turning of the tide against curiosity and pride in favor of obedience and humility. In the end, it is not at all surprising that Christians do not call for the death of Dan Brown. Someone said sometime ago, "Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing."

I think that this illustrates the type of broad brushing that Beyond Belief Media does. Yes, both Islam and Christianity are religions, but the difference is in the details -- a point conveniently ignored.


Layman said…
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Layman said…
"But Christianity is equally devoid of reason, and it is the most likely source of mindless antagonism of Islam."

Is an atheist less offensive to a Muslim than a Christian? Especially if it is the kinds of atheists who are likely to intrude into Muslim mosques and leave behind atheist propoganda ridiculing their faith?

Of course, maybe BBM means that its kind of antognism of Islam is not "mindless." Its kind of antogonism of Islam is, of course, well-reasoned and articulate. Which is irrelevant, of course, to the Muslim he is ridiculing.


Oh yeah.

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