Happenings at the CADRE

Made some changes to my Virtual Office, which now includes audio files of my radio appearances and a link to my online library.

For the online library I use LibraryThing, which is available for anyone at librarything.com. You type in a title or author and it pulls up all possible selections from the Library of Congress and Amazon.com databases. You then simply select the matching book and it, and all of its information, is added to your library. It also has nifty statistics and shows you who has the same books as you (if they choose to make their library public). The library is also downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet.

I also have revised my article on Acts, A Discussion of the Genre, Historicity, Date, and Authorship of the Acts of the Apostles. The revisions include grammatical improvements, updates to the section on genre, the use of footnotes instead of endnotes, and the addition of a table of contents. The revision is available in Word and I hope to have a PDF version available soon. I am also doing research for a major revision involving citations of Acts in the early Church fathers.

There have been some additions to The Da Vinci Code page. Also, I did three presentations of a response to The Da Vinci Code and hope to have my notes converted into an article and available on that page soon.


Weekend Fisher said…
If you've revised the Acts piece, it'll be eligible for the next Biblical studies carnival.

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