Is this the Future of Christianity in Europe?

In ancient times, as Islam conquered Christian lands, churches were converted into mosques by force. As some of those lands were later retaken by Christian armies during the Crusades, many mosques were converted back into churches by force. This happened in Spain as well, as Islam apread through the penninsula and was then slowly forced out. And, as Islam finally captured the heart of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantintinople and its great cathedrals, the city became Istanbul and its churches became mosques.

In present-day Europe, something new is happening.

This is a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, a Catholic cathedral in Brussels. But if you will look closer you will see some details that appear to be out of place. On the right wall there is a green flag or tapestry hanging. Green is the traditional color of Islam. Embroidered on the flag is the name of "Allah."

If you look towards the back of the Cathedral you will see a woman praying. She is not Catholic, but Muslim. The Catholic altar has been removed. The Virgin Mary has been covered up so as not to offend the Muslim occupants.

What is going on apparently is that Catholic bishops in Brussels have handed over this, and other, cathedrals as places of "sanctuary" for Muslim immigrants in Belgium illegally. In so doing, they have turned their places of worships over to Muslims to live, meet, and worship. Muslim imagery has been erected, Christian imagery has been removed.

So, where do Catholics go to worship now?

Even if they were inclined to worship in a cathedral (mosque?) adorned with Islamic religious imagery, and could abide the hiding of Christian imagery, they would have to work up the courage to pass through the loiterers out front.

Without commenting on whether these churches are justified in providing political "sanctuary" to immigrants in Belgium illegally, there are alternatives to handing over Christian places of worship to be used as Muslim places of worship. Alternative housing could be acquired through purchase, rent, or donation. Facilities that are owned by the Catholic Church, such as gymnasiums at schools or recreational rooms, that are not sanctuaries could be provided. But the willing conversion of Christian sanctuaries and places of worship into Muslim places of worship by Catholic bishops seems to be a very troubling sign of the state of Christianity in at least Belgium.


Layman said…
"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
BK said…
And exactly who in the discussion is "guiltless"?

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