Resurrection Show on ABC's 20/20 Friday Night

Tonight, ABC's 20/20 is doing a "Special Report": The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It will feature scholars such as William L. Craig, a leading defender of the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, as well as Luke T. Johnson, Paul Maier, Father Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, Lee Strobel, Bishop Shelby Spong, and Ben Witherington.

Broadcast time is 10/9 Central.


BK said…
I saw an interview with the lead anchor woman on the O'Reilly Factor on Monday or Tuesday about this segment. Two things jumped out at me --

First, she said that the segment prominently features Bishop Spong. I am sorry, but I don't find Bishop Spong to be an authority on anything, so if the segment focuses on what he has to say, then it is likely that the segment will be a waste of time.

Second, she said that except for the uncontestable fact that the tomb was empty and the disciples were suddenly emboldened by something (no one can be sure what), it was her opinion that everything else we know about the resurrection is subject to dispute. Segments like this almost always simply throw out the alleged disputes but make no effort to determine whether the disputes are warranted by the facts or that the facts are disputed by a significant number of reputable people in Christianity. It leaves people with the impression that no one can be sure of anything in the Gospels and it "all comes down to faith" as O'Reilly said. I disagree with this assessment.
Layman said…
I could see using Spong so much if it was just Strobel on the other side. But placing Spong in the company of Craig, Murphy-O'Connor, and Luke T. Johnson, is questionable. Giving him prominence in such a show is misleading.

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