My New Amazon Lists

In a previous post I provided a list of all the "Listmania Lists" I had done at I had gotten a lot of out such lists by others, so I started doing them myself. I add new lists from time to time and revise existing ones. The last time I posted the lists I had done there were 18. I have since added another 6:

19. Did Jesus Exist? Resources for Refuting the Jesus Myth.

20. A List of Alternative History/Fantasy.

21. Studying the "Historical" Jesus.

22. Studying the Apostle Paul's Letters.

23. The Best Space Battles: Science Fiction Space Opera.

24. Studying the Miracles of Jesus.

Or you can access my Amazon bio and full list of lists (as well as all my book reviews) here.

As you can see, some of the lists are not really related to the study of early Christianity or apologetics. I plead guilty to having other interersts.

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