I Never Thought I'd Live to See It -- A Television Show that Discusses Issues of Apologetics

As discussions of faith take center stage across America, PAX TV presents a talk/debate show beginning this fall that accelerates the conversation to a whole new level.

"Faith Under Fire," the bold and edgy hour-long series is a forum for all points of view, is a provocative program that takes an unflinching look at the most controversial issues involving religion and spiritual beliefs.

Hosted by former Chicago Tribune legal expert and renowned author Lee Strobel, “Faith Under Fire” puts the topic of faith to the test, in a fast-paced and entertaining face-off format. Whether it’s a discussion involving Islam, atheism, Buddhism, Christianity or humanism, "Faith Under Fire" draws guests from the worlds of current events, pop culture, academia and the arts and sciences. While the public profile of guests might vary, each will be selected for their fascinating insights and passion for the topic. The panel tackles the toughest faith-related questions, creating fervent exchanges and igniting strong debates: Do faith and politics mix? When it is moral to wage war? When is it OK to lie? Is there only one way to God? Can reincarnation be proven? What causes religious barbarism? Why does God allow evil? Does religion subjugate women?

Shining a spotlight on standard talk subject matter through a lens of faith, topics like health, money, crime, culture, sex, politics and celebrity are explored. "No topic is off-limits," Strobel says. "We take faith seriously enough to put it to the test and see which viewpoint is the most credible."

From "Faith is the Focus in New Talk/Debate Show on PAX"

I happened to be channel surfing last weekend and came across this show on a channel that I seldom watch. The debate was about Hollywood and its portrayal of faith, and one of the guests was Michael Medved. The discussion was interesting, and Stobel did a good job of making sure the subject didn't get bogged down. Future episodes look good, too. Here is a description of this Saturday's episode from the Faith Under Fire website:

SHOW #104 -- Why Evangelize Jews, Is Prayer Dangerous? and Is God Pro-Choice?

Tovia Singer, an orthodox Jewish talk show host in New York who calls himself an "anti-missionary," considers evangelism efforts targeting Jews anti-Semitic. He debates Tuvya Zaretsky, from the evangelizing group Jews for Jesus, AND Rabbi David Rosenberg, leader of the Messianic (Jews who recognize Jesus as the Jewish Messiah) synagogue Shuvah Yisrael.

A spirited debate between Dr. Richard Sloan, Director of Behavioral Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, who says prayer is dangerous ethically, practically and spiritually, and Dr. W. David Hager, who frequently and unapologetically prays with patients.

Peggy Loonan, President of Life and Liberty for Women, believes God is pro-choice and that the right of a woman to end the life of her fetus is supported by both Jesus and the Bible. She will be challenged by Scott Klusendorf, Director of Bio-Ethics for Stand to Reason (a Christian apologetics organization), who argues that God is and always has been pro-life.

The description of episodes 105 through 113 are also available at the Faith Under Fire website. Transcripts of every episode are also available for $10.00. The website also features a list of questions related to each segment of each episode. For example, for the episode to air on Feb. 19, there will be a segment with Hank Hanagraff and Dr. Robert Price (Layman, are you listening?) on "Is the Bible Bogus?" Here are the questions listed on the site for that episode.

With Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and the host of the “Bible Answer Man” national radio program; and Dr. Robert Price, a professor of biblical criticism at the Center for Inquiry Institute in Buffalo, New York.
1. What do you remember hearing or believing about the Bible as you were growing up? Were you an “easy sell” or were you skeptical about its contents? Explain your answer.

2. What do you believe about the Bible now? Do you believe the Bible is a book that is reliable and trustworthy? Why or why not?

3. To what extent do you believe that God has communicated to humans through the
Bible? Explain your response.

4. Hank Hanegraaff suggests there is more than enough evidence to support the credibility of the Bible. This evidence includes eyewitness accounts, numerous ancient manuscripts, archeological findings, and accurate predictions. He says that all points to the Bible’s divine origin. Do you agree with this line of reasoning? Explain.

5. Robert Price claims that the evidence suggests that the Bible has errors and inaccuracies. Do you agree with that? Why or why not? What specific errors, contradictions, or inaccuracies have you found in the Bible?

6. Price also suggests the Bible has great value even though it is filled with inaccuracies. Do you agree or disagree with Price’s conclusion? Explain.

7. What would it take for you to place complete confidence in the Bible being truth from God and the supreme written guide for your life?

8. What difference would it make in your everyday experience to believe that the Bible is God’s Word?

I would encourage everyone who reads this blog in the United States and who has cable or a dish that gets PAX television to support this program since it appears to be a quality effort to bring issues important to those of the Christian faith into the spotlight. And where else are you going to get a debate on whether God is pro-choice?


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