we are about to lose the internet

Trump' FCC Plans Destruction of Net Neutrality

This is a disaster, It would be bad enough if raising fees to use the net meant I can't read comic books or looking at little You Tube things,No more music,That's my  major connection to the music I love. But the move means much more than curtailment of pleasure surfing,It's the blow to apologetic.,Its closing of the only sources of information for countering new atheism lies and it's the only way to fight by spreading the word. Also for me it means no more books. No more blog no more theological research,

We only have until early December to act!

(NOV 21 2017, 4:51 PM ET)

Everything from the way you use banking apps to the speed of your Netflix stream could soon be changing, if all goes to plan for the Federal Communications Commission.
The FCC's mission — essentially gutting the internet as we know it — would allow service providers to create so-called fast and slow lanes for subscribers.
Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, announced on Tuesday a plan to put an end to what he called the federal government's "micromanaging" of the internet. Details of the proposal will be released on Wednesday, three weeks before it will be put to a vote by the FCC on Dec. [read More]

SIGN PETITION tell congress

Republican Senators* at (844) 241-1141 

Share this on social media put it on your blog,send links, Tell everyone, this is a disaster, This will kil all resistance to Trump, this is nothing less than control of the media,



(NOV 21 2017, 4:51 PM ET)


BK said…
Cool, such a obviously political post means I am returning to posting stuff calling out abortion.
why it is "topological?" Its not specific to either party. A commiserative Republican can want cheaper intent do you really want to lose the liability to surf freely?
BK said…
Joe, this is clearly political in nature. Just your argument in response to my comment shows that or else you would not speak about conservative Republicans.
Bill why would you want the net to be too expensive to navigate? do you feel there's no point in the Gospel now? You don't want to dread the gospel. You would rather sacrifice internet apologetic to take away the resistance's voice than allow the means of critiquing power?

Of course I can see there are political issues involved but I thought we really do have common cause here unless you've given up on trying to reach people for Jesus,

tell me how you will manage on a web too expensive to use?
BK said…
Contrary to your claim, if the Net Neutrality regulations (which have only been in place for about 2 years) are repealed, it will not make the net too expensive to navigate. Repeal of net neutrality will almost certainly help spur innovation and keep the Internet cheaper. Consider this article from Investor's Business Daily Net Neutrality Advocates Are Modern-Day Snake Oil Salesmen:

"When FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans to repeal the Obama administration's heavy-handed "net neutrality" regulations, critics acted as if the world were coming to an end. Actual consumers, however, aren't likely to notice any difference, because the "problem" those rules were supposed to solve has always been wildly exaggerated."

Now, if you disagree, we can debate this. But the argument is based on politics. That's the problem.
BK said…
Just for your information, an opinion piece published by US News and World Report agrees:

"The Federal Communication Commission votes this Thursday on Restoring Internet Freedom, a proposal designed to return broadband internet access to the permission-less innovation framework that governed it until 2015. Leading left media outlets such as The New York Times have decried it as "gutting network neutrality," a "sweeping repeal of rules" and "removing all oversight from the sale of internet access." These points are patently untrue. What are the facts and why is the media peddling fake news?"

From: Make the Internet Free Again: The FCC plans to increase internet transparency and enforcement. So why is the left against it?

you legitimize the use of the term fake news that tells mew here your head is at. Castigating award willing papers merely because they take the other side in politic is certainly indicative of an ideological outlook.

NYT is the best paper the country it's the only real new being printed. It's won the most awards of any paper.
Bill I though you would have the perception to see through the trickle-down dogma. Things don't work that way because in hyper capitalism they know too many ways to jack with the data. They do jack with it.
Anonymous said…
I kind of agree with net neutrality myself, but BK is right that it is political in nature.
BK said…
I just realized that you responded yet again. So, let me answer: First, I didn't use the term "Fake News" in this chain. That was quoting U.S. News and World Report. So, you don't know where my head is at from that quote. Your beef (based on that quote) is with U.S. News and World Report.

Second, the very fact that you have somehow leapt to "trickle down dogma" again shows you that this is a political football. I repeat, since you seem okay to post this (and not take it down when challenged), I will return to posting stuff about abortion when something comes up that is worthwhile and I have the time.

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