Fun with Flat Earth Fundies, Part 4 and Last

It’s time to close out with Phil, who seemed to be getting as fed up with reality as I was getting with his nonsense. Rather than answer one point of my analysis, he says, “I will simply believe the text and take God at His Word rather than answer a hypothetical.” And: Again, this is a man-centered hermeneutic that leads to the utter dismissal of the text in favor of the latest cultural or modern day positions which are subject to fluctuate.” – after he trammels decency with the laughable notion that God must have taught Isaiah the full truth about the Earth’s flat geography. He closes with this howler:

This exchange can be summarized as simply as this:

James Patrick Holding - Let God's Word be accommodating to man and his understanding of creation which is subject to change.


Let God be true and every man a liar.
So with that, anything else? Phil wrote this silly stuff, along with a couple of other articles “refuting” opponents like the Blue Letter Bible and Answers in Genesis, in March-May 2016. Then his blog went silent for a while, until September 2017 when he posted something about a debate he had with Kent Hovind on the subject. Then he posted again just recently when R. C. Sproul died. Phil posted a tribute to someone he said was an “influential figure in my walk with Christ,”. Not influential enough apparently, since Sproul would rise from his grave in disgust and slap Phil silly for being a flat-earther.
Let’s just make this simple. Phil represents the worst sort of mental decay that fundamentalism can produce. He makes excuses, including excusing away contrary evidence as the result of a conspiracy, He is clueless about relevant contexts, and he replaces them all with his own assumptions, so that everyone in the Bible (including God) is just Phil in another body. He thinks that sloganeering is a substitute for evidence and arguments.
About the only good news is, he also seems to be mostly talking to himself.


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