A Hindu Priest in the Anglican Church

An Anglican priest renewed his license with the Church of England even though he converted to Hinduism, "moved to India, changed his name to Ananda and daily blesses a congregation of Hindus with fire previously offered up to Nagar, the snake god." You can see Reverend Hart offering prayers to an Indian elephant God, here.

Rvd Hart sees no tension between his conversion to Hinduism and status as an Anglican clerif.


BK said…
Sure, there's no conflict if you think that all religions are merely different expressions of the same god as is now common doctrine in many religions.

God help us.
Lee said…
This guy is a fruitcake. Read to the end of the Times article and you'll find that his license was renewed by his diocese without his bishop's knowledge of the recent, um, change of heart: "The Bishop of Ely’s office said that it had not known of Mr Hart’s conversion to Hinduism until this week."

I'm an Episcopalian (American Anglican), and I know we have our share of oddballs, but I'm pretty sure they don't include priests who offer sacrifices to Ganesh. (Not that I don't love elephants, but...)
Siamang said…
Doesn't the article say that the Anglican Church is just finding out about this? I suspect like any large church there are methods for dealing with converts leaving the mainstream.

I did not see anywhere in the article that Anglican doctrine now allows the practices of Hindu worship.

Is it really news that a Christian changed his religion?
Jason Pratt said…
No, the news would be that the Anglican Church wasn't paying enough attention, and let the license go through anyway. Bishops are supposed to keep track of what their priests are doing, especially when what they're doing is very public.

(Or, wait... maybe that wouldn't be news in this case... {lopsided g})

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