The Gospels Were Chock Full of Eyewitness Accounts

So argues, quite persuasively, a leading New Testament scholar. recently announced that it was given permission to host Richard Bauckham's ground breaking article, The Eyewitnesses and the Gospel Tradition. They also have details, and a table of contents, for Professor Bauckham's forthcoming book on the same subject, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony.


Steven Carr said…
In chapter 5 of 'Jesus and the Eyewitnesses', Richard Bauckham writes '. But the identification of Matthew with Levi the son of Alphaeus - a traditional case of harmonizing the Gospels, in view of the parallel passages Matthew 9:9 (about Matthew) and Mark 2:24 [sic. This is a typo. He means Mark 2:14] (about Levi the son of Alphaeus) - must, on the same grounds of the onomastic evidence available to us, be judged implausible’

Even conservative commentators on the Bible can see that one list of 12 contradicts the other list of 12.
Steven Carr said…
Bauckham says in an interview 'It also highlights the apostle Matthew by adding the description ‘taxcollector’ to his name in the list and by transferring to Matthew the story of the call of a taxcollector that Mark tells of Levi.'

'Transferring' a story from one person to a different person?

The Gospellers felt quite free to change who the story was about and pretend it happened to somebody else instead.

How does that tie up with the 'scrupulous care' with which people preserved names?

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