New Book Review: I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, by G.E. Ladd

One of the more recent additions to the Christian Cadre site is a collection of reviews of scholarly books related to the historicity of the resurrection. One of our goals has been to provide readers with a substantial overview of the arguments being made by each author as well as our evaluations of them.

With the addition today of my review of George Eldon Ladd's I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, the number of reviews has reached thirteen. The review begins as follows:

Written by respected New Testament scholar George Eldon Ladd, I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus weighs in at just over 150 pages and is unusual in that it provides an unabashed historical argument for the bodily resurrection of Jesus. For those who have trudged through weighty tomes devoted to the resurrection, the brevity of Ladd’s arguments will be a nice respite. But despite its length, I Believe delivers an informed and beneficial argument for the historical resurrection of Jesus.

And ends:

I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus is an excellent argument for the resurrection whose short length belies its value and persuasiveness. It is widely available for a reasonable price and is a worthy addition to any library.

Check it, and the other reviews, out. More will be added with alerts posted here.


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