Where's The Beef?

Do you ever wonder why the joint-operation by FEMA, Red Cross, Salvation Army, ect. are dedicating their resources to evacuate humans as a priority over say the local cattle farms? Why aren't large herds of portable dairy/meat markets being preserved equally with humans? When the death-toll is verified and counted, will they include mounds of termites and domestic animals with the numbers?

These questions might sounds foolish, but think about it for a moment. If humans differ no amount in quality and value, why aren't these questions taken serious? Baby calfs have the immediate capacity for consciousness upon arriving outside the womb. Their functions far exceed those of human infants at birth. Calfs are larger than human's from birth till death. But, instinctively, we value humans more. Is it a matter of level of consciousness? How about sentience? Why were helicopters requested to rescue those within hospitals who were weaker than the rest of society? "Survival of the fittest" is the law of the land, right? Not with humans it isn't. Animals don't show care for the weak and defenseless.

Hurricane Katrina is easily the worst natural disaster to hit our nation all throughout our short history. With the media and politicians trying to sort out the famous blame game those of us who can get away from that a minute ought to reflect on the question of human value. Why do we instinctively put human life above all others? Amidst the flood in the walls of New Orleans, Red Cross rescue teams are faced with saving those people in the water or the labrador next to them. Which is the right choice? Have you ever seen the rescue team save the dog and not the person?

Oh that we would be honest with ourselves and, for once, step down from our agenda mountain to see the precious gift of human existence before it passes us by. Honor, value, cherish, love, and respect your wife or husband, your mother who went through immense pain so that you may live your dreams; the one who might not have been there all the time, but still loved you just as much..your father; your brothers and sisters who gave you so many childhood memories; the grandparents who sat you in their lap and changed your diapers when your parents needed a vacation (it's true); and your friends who've supported you in the decisions that either made or broke you. See through the smog of ideas this perverse culture tries to pass subtly and not so subtle. We are the only moral beings who inhabit this beautiful planet. Does this not put into perspective the true kind of person we all are? Matchless, unique, and adored creations of our Holy Creator, Christ Jesus.

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