An upcoming, uplifting movie.

I just stumbled across a preview for a new movie being released in less than two weeks by Sony Pictures entitled The Gospel, starring Clifton Powell, Yolanda Adams, Dwayne Boyd, and Idris Elba, among others. Here is the review from Movie-Source:

"The Gospel" explores the inner-workings of a church. Told from the perspective of the pews, the film gives a realistic portrayal of people dealing with true life struggles and issues. Maestro Kirk Franklin helped set the tone by writing music for the film's performance sequences.

In fusing some of the biggest names in gospel music today, with several of the most talented thespians in Hollywood, the film offers a helping of inspirationally uplifting entertainment for the entire family. While based on the biblical parable of The Prodigal Son, the picture provides a universal theme that can be enjoyed by all.

The songs available for listening on the official movie site by Gospel artists Yolanda Adams, Fred Adams and Martha Munizzi, are uplifting songs of praise to God. If nothing else, go to the movie for the the music --it's fantastic!

For those complaining about the string of bad, unchristian movies coming out of Hollywood -- and those complaints appear to be justified -- here is a movie that, if it lives up to the previews and the description found in the Movie-Source review should be a real winner. The movie will be rated PG for thematic elements including suggestive material and mild language and will be released on October 7, 2005.


Michael said…
Thanks - when I see a new movie that addresses religion, I never know whether to expect bashing or praising of christians. I'll add this movie to my "must-see" list. :)

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