"Mr. Flew the Coop of Fools"
or ("Hen-Pecked by Evidence")

Tom Graffagnino has written another amusing poem regarding the Intelligent Design/evolution debate (or more accurately, the efforts by evolutionists to suppress debate about Intelligent Design) entitled "Mr. Flew the Coop of Fools" or ("Hen-Pecked by Evidence").

They feathered their nest
And,... By Darwin! ...were blessed,
By the Pope of Natural Selection!
On the roost they are parked,
Laying eggs in the dark,
Self-assured in lofty reflection.

Cock -A- Doodle-do!
Brother Antony Flew!
Hens aghast! Feathers ruffled and bent!
Well, who woulda guessed!?
Flew abandoned The Nest...
(Don't you wonder where Antony went?)

Flew the Coop for the Light!
Good Lord, what a sight!
What a flap Mr. Flew left behind!
Now the hens are all crowing,
Laying eggs without knowing
The Clue that Flew knew:
..........God's Design.

Of course it goes on, and if you are interested, please go visit Mr. Graffagnino's site. He has many more writings for your enjoyment.


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