Peter Kirby, of fame, has transitioned his website into a hybrid blog. For those of you who are not aware of his primary site, is a tremendous resource to all those interested in early Christianity. He's gathered together the best collection of primary Christian writings from the first to second centuries on the interent. I've used it many times.

Christianorigins is another site Peter launched. He had started gathering articles about Christian origins from very diverse perspectives, including a few contributions from me (Chris Price). Now, the articles remain but the website is also a blog, allowing comments to be added to any of the articles. As Peter describes it, the site is now "a hybrid of blog and periodical."

Hopefully this will lead to more contributions by Peter himself. Though we have fundamentally different world views, as well as differences of opinion about Christian origins, Kirby is one of the most informed commentators on the internet in this area. I look forward to reading his opinions on a more regular basis. And now being able to respond to them with my own Comments!

Check it out here.


Peter Kirby said…
Hi Chris,

Thanks for pointing people to my blog. I will be reading yours, and I have a link to CADRE in the right column.

Peter Kirby

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