Junk DNA again
Another use for the so-called junk.

From Reasons to Believe:

"Junk" DNA has become an icon of evolution. Evolutionary biologists maintain that junk DNA provides incontrovertible evidence for evolution because such nonfunctioning DNA would be a relic of random processes rather than intelligent design. Yet, numerous advances over the last few years indicate that virtually all the classes of "junk" DNA have function. This study continues in this vein. Comparative analysis of the DNA sequence of human chromosome 5 with corresponding sequences from other mammals indicates that vast regions of noncoding DNA (referred to as gene deserts because they are devoid of genes) are conserved. For biochemists, this means that they must be functional. Presumably these so-called gene deserts control gene _expression or usage. The functional importance of junk DNA indicates that careful planning by an Intelligent Designer, rather than undirected, random biochemical events, shaped the genomes of organisms.

Jeremy Schmutz et al., "The DNA Sequence and Comparative Analysis of Human Chromosome 5," Nature 431 (2004): 268-74.

The evidence for design just keeps growing and growing and growing . . . by design, of course.


Anonymous said…
Whcih intelligent designer shaped the genome of the HIV virus? And why does he change it so often to make it so resistant to drugs?

Will the intelligent designer conceivably shape the genome of the flu virus so that it produces another pandemic like in 1918?
BK said…
My car broke down when I failed to give it oil. Which of the car's designers should I blame for that?
Anonymous said…
You mean HIV evolved, and God had nothing to do with it?

Proof that evolution can happen please.
emily said…
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