Joe Hinman still lives

Sorry I jut dropped off the face of the earth, I was sick and in hospital and in quarantine. I did not have covid but they put you in isolation after hospotal to make sure. I am sick of blogging don't know if I will come back.


JHobbs. said…
Hi Joe Hinman! I hope you get well soon! I have enjoyed reading your articles on Christian topics over the years! Thank you!. Kind regards. James Hobbs.
Anonymous said…
Whatever you do, it's been good to have you online all these years.
Weekend Fisher said…
I am glad to hear you are ok. I've been worried about you! Thank you for letting us know you're alright.
Kristen said…
I'm sick of blogging too. But I'm so glad you and your books are part of my life!
thanks to both of you I appreciate it.

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