Is the Antichrist Orange?

The ink isn't dry yet on the ballots, but we already have the inevitable arising: People are saying that Donald Trump is the Antichrist.

Now let me make something clear: I didn't vote for Trump. I didn't vote for Clinton, either: Mrs. H and I were so disgusted by the available choices that we both voted for some third party candidate who went by "Rocky." I was tempted to write in in Donald Duck.

But whatever you may think of Trump, it's more than a little silly to claim that he's the Antichrist. Actually, the reasons people are giving to think this have all been done before -- about Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, and a host of other figures. 

For that reason, I decided to make my next ebook project about this subject. It's not very long, and it won't be out until next week. But it does appear to be a badly needed topical discussion.

More broadly, it shows yet another example of Christians needing to learn from the past. In one of my recent videos, I showed that the "ten nation confederation" of Revelation has been variously identified as European nations, barbarian tribes, Communist nations, and most recently, Islamic nations. Have a look.

This "Trump as Antichrist" thing is just another end times switcheroo game of the sort we've been playing for years.


Don McIntosh said…
The Antichrist has one important characteristic in common with the Christ: when it is finally revealed who he is, he will not be who most people expected him to be.
I don'rt think anyone means it literally,I said he was the Antichrist before he got the nomination in the very begging,l I based that on a prophesy a friend was given.

The prophesy came true, it did not say he was the AC,I interrupted that but not literally. The prophesy was made he announced, it said he would win so that has come to pass, It said it would be a very very bad time for America.
1John says many AC's have into the world. So he doesn't have to be the big one to be one. We have always avoided politics in this group so I will continue to do so.

I knw people in the voted for him I still love you all, you are still my friends. We are a family in the Lord.
Anonymous said…
I have been reading the book End Time Delusions by Steve Wohlberg. He makes a good case for who the Antichrist is.
who? spoiler, but go ahead,Hillary?
Anonymous said…
No. It isn't any U.S. President or any other leader or dictator of a country.
J. P Holding said…
Is it Don Knotts?
do you buy end times? I don't
Anonymous said…
No, J.P, it's Andy Griffith (lol).

To Joe, what do you mean when you don't buy the end times? I'm just curious.
Jason Pratt said…
Don, yep if there's ever an ultimate Antichrist (and I agree with those who think there will be), he will be someone capable of misleading, so far as that's possible, even the very elect., Trump's got that going for him. {g} (Cue the quote from Caddyshack.) But it's in such a facile and shallow way (not even counting a lack of attesting signs) that I'd have a hard time believing it's him.



....IS THAT HIS PLAN?! {lol}

Don McIntosh said…
Jason, I think you're onto something. My wife says Trump is "dumb like a fox."

So, maybe he's an Antichrist? :-)
Jason Pratt said…
Some foxes orange, right?


...the orange foxes come from Africa or Australia if I recall, so that's... that's a birth certificate issue, right? {ggg!}

Don McIntosh said…
The Trump orange fox birther theory, eh? LOL.

Don McIntosh said…
I noticed JP has this out already(!):

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