A False Choice from Planned Parenthood - #StandWithPP

In the wake of last week’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, the women’s health organization called for a national show of support for reproductive healthcare Saturday. This “National Day of Solidarity” will center on rallies in Washington and Colorado, with smaller events scattered across the country, according to the group’s website. Supporters also showcased solidarity on social media by using the hashtag #StandWithPP and adding pink filters to their profile pictures. Planned Parenthood is calling for an end to the rhetoric that, they say, has fueled violence against abortion clinics and marginalized groups, such as the black, immigrant and transgender communities.  ~   Planned Parenthood 'day of solidarity' heldafter deadly clinic shooting 
This is so typical of groups like Planned Parenthood. Ignoring for the moment that Planned Parenthood is responsible for more deaths over the last 50 years than any other organization (and probably any other government), they have predictably turned the shooting by the mentally ill individual into a chance to get people to support Planned Parenthood. But, as per usual, they don’t explicitly make it about supporting Planned Parenthood. Instead, they make it about promoting reproductive health.

No sane individual opposes reproductive health. Not one. If Planned Parenthoods merely provided reproductive health for the women (and supposedly men) who are its clients, then there would be no issue about Planned Parenthood. I would be willing to #StandWithPP, too, if such were the case. But, of course, that’s not the case.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country. It terminates the lives of thousands and thousands of living human beings most often for the sake of the mere convenience of the mother. Recently, Planned Parenthood has been caught marketing the body parts of the children that they terminate. They have also been unwilling to account for the millions of tax dollars that they receive from governments. Planned Parenthood is corrupt, and it is my belief (together with millions of others who share similar views) that Planned Parenthood should not receive one dime of taxpayer money as long as they provide abortions. None.

But what comes across from this type of false linkage? People like me, who believe that reproductive healthcare should be made available to all people and who even agree with some government funding for such healthcare provided that the people don’t have the ability to pay for it themselves, but who also believe that abortion is immoral and should be restricted to very, very limited cases (when the life or health of the mother is truly at stake), are seen as being anti-reproductive health because we won’t agree or repost #StandWithPP. Ridiculous, but it works because way too many Americans are indifferent and/or uneducated on the issues.

Given that Planned Parenthood has appropriately come under scrutiny for its selling of infant body parts which has reduced the respect that many of the people who ordinarily don’t care about the abortion issue have for Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood cannot depend on only a desire by the majority (including myself) who support reproductive health to build their support through the #StandWithPP campaign. Instead, they have to add that using #StandWithPP includes standing up against rhetoric (meaning people speaking against Planned Parenthood) which is also harmful to or harming blacks, immigrants and the tiny but growing politically-powerful transgender community. So, one concludes from Planned Parenthood's efforts that if a person does not #StandWithPP, they not only hate women, they hate blacks, immigrants and transgender people. Using societal pressure is a wonderful game, isn’t it?

It is a false choice. One does not have to #StandWithPP to support reproductive health, despise racism, support immigration or even support the transgender community. While I think that the transgender community is desperately in need of mental health, I don't hate them any more than I hate women, blacks or immigrants -- none of which I hate in the slightest, and I think that the vast majority of people who hold my views would be in agreement about not hating any of these people. I can despise Planned Parenthood for a number of reasons completely unrelated to reproductive health.

As an aside, I am not aware of any widespread increase in violence against abortion clinics. Can anyone point me to a legitimate website (not Planned Parenthood or its many pro-abortion cronies) which shows that there has been an increase in violence against these clinics? Of course, as I argued previously, even if there is an increase in violence against Planned Parenthood clinics, that is not caused by the rhetoric but rather is caused by the very immoral practices of Planned Parenthood. People may be willing to accept abortion, but Planned Parenthood's cavalier handling of the bodies of the human beings terminated in its clinics is the real cause of the uptick in violence. The "rhetoric" is just pointing out what Planned Parenthood does. 
I for one will not #StandWithPP. Instead, I will  #StandAgainstPPwhile-StillSupportingReproductiveHealth-AndIDon’tHateWomen-Blacks-ImmigrantsOr-TransgendersInTakingThisStand. I hope that people see through this obvious misleading ploy by Planned Parenthood.


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