Ethics and the Third Person -- The Sinners Before the First Sinners

The contents page for this series can be found here. The previous entry, concluding Chapter 46, can be found here.

This entry constitutes Chapter 47, and ends Section Four.

This chapter mainly reiterates and spells out in some more detail how I arrived metaphysically at the conclusion that rebel supernatural entities exist, but it also arrives at the conclusion that these devils need the same help any of us sinners do: to be saved from their sins.

This is a very controversial position; and I can't quite figure out where plausibly to split the chapter into two entries, either. So, to avoid posting an extra-long chapter on a controversial topic among Nicene trinitarians, seeing as this journal is dedicated to ecumenical Nicene apologetics (what trinitarian affirmers of the Nicene Creed generally agree on instead of what we disagree about), I have posted the whole chapter, about 16 pages, to a thread at the Evangelical Universalist forum instead (where I have been posting these Sword to the Heart chapters in parallel tandem in order to help readers there get an idea where the coherencies are in orthodox trinitarian theism--but also because I have found ortho-trin to lead, by theological corollary, to one or another kind of Christian universalism.)

That thread can be reached by clicking this hyperlink or by copy-pasting the following address into your browser line:

Readers who want to skip this chapter won't be missing a whole lot, since (as I said) it's mainly working out the logic again from the previous chapter, and taking it a little further. The end result, whether or not the reader agrees with the concept that rebel angels also need God's salvation from sin, sets up the topic of the final Section of chapters in the book--where I will pull together and synthesize the doctrinal positions I have arrived at in the hundreds of pages up to now, to consider what I may expect God to do about sin in our natural history.

(Which by no coincidence I plan to finish around Easter week next month. {g})

Next up: Section Five, "The Story of Passion and Atonement".


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