What dreams may come

Michael Sudduth is one of the sharpest, most erudite and innovative philosophers of religion writing today. He has just come out with a massive study of The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology which is required reading for anyone interested in arguments for the existence of God, and whether and what kind of natural theology is a proper Christian activity.

Given his 'empirical' orientation to natural theology it is no surprise that he would be interested in possible empirical traces of the supernatural. He recently updated his website with an absolutely marvelous resource:

Postmortem Survival

Here you will find a thoroughly comprehensive examination of afterlife ideas in history, philosophical examination of the concepts of disembodied survival, resurrection, reincarnation, etc. as well as a brisk overview of the best empirical evidence for psi, mediumship, NDEs, etc.

I think it's no exaggeration to say that this resource is one of a kind. Controversy over the scientific validity of parapsychology rages unabated, heated rhetoric dominates and the best literature in the field is mostly unknown (hands up if you've never heard of Stephen Braude). So it is so refreshing to have such a sensible, measured, penetrating examination of a huge range of literature at one's fingertips.

OK...I need to stop fawning over Sudduth...but seriously, if you're at all interested in parapsychology, afterlife or NDEs his website is one-stop shopping.


John Farrell said…
Baude sounds fascinating. I watched the video interview from his web site he did with (I think it was) Larry Krauss.
Jason Engwer said…
Michael Sudduth has posted at Triablogue in the past, and Steve Hays has written some posts that summarize and discuss the work of Stephen Braude and other researchers who have done similar work. See, for example, here and here.

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