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In addition to church services, egg hunts, and special meals, this time of year brings out those skeptics intent on ruining your Easter festivities. My advice is to ignore them over the weekend, skeptical Easter bloggers tend to have more gusto than merit. But if you find some free time and want to read some Apologetics related to the Easter season, I have a few recommendations:

* The CADRE maintains a page providing the best available defenses of the resurrection of Jesus. The page includes a section devoted to responses to the skeptic assault on the resurrection, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave, written by CADRE members.

* Another feature on our website is an article providing 15 substantive book reviews of academic, apologetic, and skeptical books about the resurrection.

* On this blog, I have a series of blog posts responding further to Dr. Richard Carrier's chapter in The Empty Tomb. You can also read my list of best books on the resurrection over at Amazon.

* William L. Craig is one of the foremost defenders of the resurrection. His scholarly and popular articles on the resurrection are available online. There are also transcripts of Dr. Craig's debates on the resurrection and his podcasts. The Q&A and the podcasts include commentary about Dr. Craig's recent debate about the resurrection with Dr. Carrier.

* Dr. Gary Habermas makes his many articles on the resurrection available online.

* J.P. Holding also has a list of links to articles defending the resurrection of Jesus. Some articles are his own work and he links to the work of Christian scholars on the issue.


Ron said…
Thanks for this. The CADREs book recommendations on this topic have been invaluable to me.
Here's one atheist who wishes you all a happy easter. :-)
Jason Pratt said…
You, too Mike! {s!} And to all our non-Christian friends as well.

But especially to our non-Christian non-friends, too. {beam!} One of the whole points of Easter is to look forward to the reconciliation of outright enemies of one another, someday, despite even the worst atrocities between them, regardless of blame. We all have blame. But just as all have blame, in Christ shall all be made alive (Who, though sinless Himself, was made sin for our sake, accepting His own primarly share of responsibility for all of us).

Layman said…
Ron, thanks for letting us know.

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