Atheist are Idolotors

Atheists are not people who don't believe in any God or gods. They have a god, they worship science. When you question science they go insane like fundies who can't stand the little taunts atheists love to use: "there's no proof for your God." They are not capable of serious thinking, so they get really upset if you try to analyze science with any kind a critical eye. I decided to try a fun little experiment to see what would happen if one made the same kind of little taunts about science that they make about God. This is fair because Christian theology is 2000 year tradition involving many of the greatest thinkers in human history, it has a vast library of works written by the most brilliant people the world has ever seen; atheists wont read on page of it but still insist upon telling us how stupid and useless it is. So it's totally fair to throw this back in their faces.

What I have discovered is shocking. The react the same kind of taunts "no one believes your science" the way fundies act when atheists do their antics "there's no proof for your God." This proves to me that for the atheist the ideology is more important than science. As C.Wright Mills said, they have created a priesthood of knowledge that priesthood tends the alter of the great atheist God science, proving there are no atheists.

On cARM I posted this:

Christmas Eve 2008

science is wrong. It's morally corrupted it's not good. Its' a lie. Science doesn't' work.

what about all those people science murdered with the atomic bomb?

when you can't expalin something you just say "O science will explain it some day."

science is nothing but a bunch of big pretense. you cant' prove your science, your science has no facts to suppor it.

How you come and show me your play facts that prove scinece and I'll show you how argument from incredulity works. OK>? I refuse to believe science not matter waht the evidence. and any evidence you give me I can make go away by being incredulous about it.

but now show me some evdience becasue there's no evidence for your science.

this is the basic argument I see being made all down the board. Just switch he names. Instead od sience you say historical evdience and logic support belief. but tis' the same argument. I refuse to believe regardless of how well it's proven.

Now I will demonstrate how your game works. I can fend off any scientific evidence you throw at me because I refuse to ever give it any kind of crediecne at all. as long as you refuse to give the other side a fair hearing you hold out this self righteous pretense that you have some mysterious truth that backs you for a long time.

I wanted a brash shocking statement that would be as galling to them as their bs is to me. Here are some responses:

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Originally Posted by Metacrock View Post
science is wrong.
You are certainly entitled to believe that. However, an intellectually honest individual that held to such an opinion would reject any and all products, knowledge, gadgets or services were science was used to discovery, design, manufacture or deliver. Please refrain for any use or possession of any of these devices and services - thank you.

Oh and alternately enjoy and partake of any and all creature comforts and knowledge that theology has wrought to human kind.

Originally Posted by Metacrock View Post
Now I will demonstrate how your game works. I can fend off any scientific evidence you throw at me because I refuse to ever give it any kind of crediecne at all.
No to really refuse would be to do the above - have you done that?

Let us all know how that works out (actually not sure how you would do that but anyways have a nice theologically fulfilled life)

See how your arguement crumbles?

Windmill of lies:

The effects of science can be readily seen (as in... if you are reading this then you see the effects of science)

But the effects of God... are harder if impossible to be readily seen.

Diest Coke said:

Please Do Not Feed The Troll

these responses weren't as bad as when I posted a claim un extreme summary of Thomas Kuhn. On that occasion Sofa King said "you are scum."


Jason Pratt said…

...merry Christmas to you, too, Joe?


Anonymous said…
Atheists are not people who don't believe in any God or gods. They have a god, they worship science.

Do you think atheists get down on their knees and pray to a statue of Darwin?

The scientific method has always been the best way of understanding how the world works. Everyone, both theists and atheists, should love science for all the benefits it has given to the human race.

You should watch this video. It compares science to your worthless theology.

You can click my name to see this YouTube video:
Anonymous said…
Incorrect. I do not worship anything.

Way to show that "Christian Love" by lashing out on Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Your spelling and grammar are not helping your argument.
Alex Ashman said…
There's so much hate behind this author's words - they're basically being a huge anti-atheist bigot.

(see my blog against atheophobia)

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