New Book Out Refuting the Jesus Myth

In this volume, edited by prominent Internet apologist James Patrick Holding, a team of Christian authors provide a series of essays giving detailed answers to those who argue for the "Christ myth."

CADRE members Dr. James Hannam, Kevin Rosero, and I are contributors. Dr. Hannam wrote the introduction, which compares the Christ Myth to the theory that Shakespeare did not write the works attributed to him. He also provides a historiography of the Christ Myth. Mr. Rosero examines the contention that an early sect of Christians who denied a historical Jesus gave way to Christians who affirmed a historical Jesus. I contribute the first chapter, arguing that Josephus wrote twice about Jesus in his History of the Jews. The first reference is partially authentic in the form it came down to us. The second reference is completely authentic and also refers to Jesus' brother, James.

"Here's a clear and compelling rebuttal to fallacious claims that keep resurfacing in books and on the Internet. It's well-researched, expertly presented, and ultimately convincing." - Lee Strobel, author, The Case for the Real Jesus.


You had me till Strobel endorsed it. Of course, his endorsement doesn't automatically make it a bad book.
You would accept Holding, and not Strobel? that's unusual I would think atheists usually find Holding much more annoying. Although I like him. I

Looks like a good book. I have to get a copy.
I don't know Holding. I've added this one to my list though. As far as Strobel goes, I was incredibly disappointed with The Case for a Creator, I found it unbalanced. The reviews I read of his other books seem to indicate more of the same.
I never really use any of those apologetics guys to do apologetics. Not that I'm putting down Strobel. I just think there are better thinkers in the Christian fold than Strobel, Moreland, Craig, Gruthrie and so on. Not including Plenatinga and Alston who are stop notch thinkers by any standard.
Puritan Lad said…
Added to my reading list.

As far as apologists go, I like Plentanga, as well as Frame, Van Til, Clark, of course the great Greg Bahnsen.

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