Taking a Stand

How can we as apologists, a term that describes all who defend the faith and stand for truth, use the gifts God has given us? I think there's many different ways we can use our knowledge of Christianity effectively in shaping our culture for Christ. Below is a list of these way:
  • Blog/Write on websites and in print
  • Discussion lists
  • Email public officials and let them know what you think on different issues
  • Call radio stations
  • Talking with influential people that shape culture
  • Publishing

We all have different gifts in apologetics. Surely nobody has mastered everything. If your gift is historical studies, concentrate on using that for God's glory. If it's natural theology, don't be be afraid to call a radio show and discuss arguments for God's existence. The important thing to remember is that we, as apologists, stick to the few topics for which we either specialize in or are well acquainted with when we do the things listed above. Not everybody has to do all of them though. But it's good to have a working knowledge of many fields of study in case the need arises for an apologetic. Just a few thoughts...


Brian said…
I agree.

Doug Groothuis has also listed several (which overlap on your list).

a. Letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines.
b. Op-ed pieces for newspapers.
c. Calls to talk radio programs.
d. Public debates and dialogues on religious and ethical issues.
e. Apologetic contributions to interactive web pages.
f. Lectures on college campuses on apologetic themes.
g. Books oriented to those outside the typical evangelical market, published by secular
publishers if possible.
h. Any other creative outreach—drama, poetry, cinema, and more.

These come from his Apologetics Manifesto, which you can download the pdf of:

BK said…
Of course, let's not forget the most important: talk to people you know who aren't Christian. Listen for points in the conversation when it is appropriate to raise a good point of apologetics. Being ready to share ideas with friends (without necessarily having to lead them to the foot of the cross) is very, very important.
Dillie-O said…
Very good points indeed!!! The thing I like so much about the CADRE is that from what I see, all if you have a different field of specialty, so you can engage at different levels and on different topics. At the same time, you all have a great base in which you can debate others and support each other in your posts here.

Keep up the great work!
Wow! Thank you for the comments. I haven't bloged in a while but hope to start joining the other members of the CADRE doing just that.
God bless us all.
Layman said…
Look for opportunities to promote apologetics at your local church. Some pastors kind of hold apologetics as suspect; either too combative or abrasive. My pastor has told me I've helped him see how apologetics can be important as a way to reach out to others. He's given me a platform to address various issues (Da Vinci Code, resurrection) and we are planning other kinds of outreaches.
Good point. I too agree that the local church needs apologetics. Just think if churches were more inclined to listen to an apologetical approach to theology. It would certainly change our culture.
Weekend Fisher said…
Don't get me wrong -- even though I'm an ex-CADRE'ite, I still do apologetics sometimes. But for every atheist that says Christians are evil and asks where are the ones making a positive difference -- and for every wordy answer I had, I came to suspect the best answer I would ever have is to be one of the ones making a positive difference.

Imperfect as I am, I count the small kindnesses I can show my family and neighbors to be worth as much as most of my blog posts ... which might just be lack of writing skill, who knows? ;)

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

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