J. K. Rowling and The Final Enemy

Heh. {g} Some authors who have thrown out books claiming the Harry Potter series is anti-Christian, are going to have some serious levels of crow (or maybe owl?) to eat.

This brief article from Religious Intelligence, synopsizes some things that Ms. Rowling has been more openly saying now that Book 7 is in release. She remains reticient about her beliefs, and that's probably just as well; but it's clear that she was seriously working, or trying to work, in a mythopoeic vein similar to Tolkien's (though hardly as overt as Lewis.)

Hat-tip to Tübingen seminary scholar-in-training Chris Tilling at Chrisendom, for the link. (His series of commentary on Gordon Fee's newly published exhaustive analysis of Pauline Christology, is well worth reading, by the way.)

Edit addendum: oh, there may be huge spoilers in this article, for those who haven't read Book 7 yet.


BK said…
Actually, there have been several articles on this topic, both pro and con, that I may link in a couple of days. Personally, I have never read the books (I have watched the movies) so I don't know how explicit Ms. Rowling is about some Christian ideas in her books.
Jason Pratt said…
{{Personally, I have never read the books (I have watched the movies)}}

Ditto. Mainly because I knew she was on the last couple of books when the movies started coming out, so I decided to just wait and splurge on a set (or ask for it for birthday/Christmas). It isn't like she's hurting for my lack of financial sponsorship... {g}

Jay McHue said…
I think people - including Ms. Rowling - are desperately trying to bend Scripture to fit "Harry Potter." If she's trying to emulate Tolkien and Lewis, it should be the other way around: bending "Harry Potter" to fit Scripture.

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