Alister E. McGrath, Addresses, Lectures, Sermons and Articles On-Line

A collection of addresses, lectures, sermons and articles (largely PDF format) by Alister McGrath is now available on-line here. Among the titles available are the following:

  • A response to A.C. Grayling's criticisms of religious belief: An article for Good Friday, published in The Daily Telegraph (London), 6 April 2007.

  • A dialogue on religion between Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath at the Oxford Literary Festival, Friday 23 March 2007, introduced and moderated by Joan Bakewell.

  • “The questions science cannot answer: The ideological fanaticism of Richard Dawkins’s attack on belief is unreasonable to religion - and science”. Published in The Times (London), 10 February 2007. Note that the title is due to the editors, not the author.

  • "Atheist Interpreters of Darwin: Richard Dawkins on the God Delusion." A lecture given at the Darwin Festival, Shrewsbury, on 7 February, 2007.

  • "Dawkins God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life." A lecture given at the University of Southampton on 9 November 2006.

  • "Deluded about God? Responding to Richard Dawkins' God Delusion." A talk given at an Open Forum at the City Church, San Francisco, on Sunday 22 October 2006.


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