Year-end List

My friend Brent gave me the idea of compiling a year-end list of things to reflect on that influenced our thinking, ethics, feelings, ect. Be thinking about your year-end list. What particularly impressed you this year, and what did not? Particularly, I want you to be thinking about how the Gospel has come to bear on all of the choices you make (hopefully it has!). I'm looking forward to browsing your lists! The guidelines are simple:

Please follow the guidelines.

1.) Please submit responses only for the listed categories.
2.) Please try to include at least a sentence or two on why you made each selection. This makes for a much more interesting read and it's actually the whole point.
3.) Please return submissions (by e-mail or in the comments section. ) no later than: Saturday, December 23.
4.) Please include your name, city and state of residence and a link if you have a blog or website somewhere online.
5.) Please e-mail your list to me at
6.) Please pass this on and get as many people as you can to participate!
7.) Please submit responses for as many categories as you'd like, but don't feel the need to answer for all the categories. For example, if you really don't watch many movies, then don't feel pressed to include selections for that category.
8.) Please try to include a short bit about why you made the selection you did; give us some insight as to why you think this is the year's best.
    The Categories (In no particular order):


    *Book(s) of the Year - Must have been released in 2006 in any genre.
    *Book "Find(s) of the Year" - published any time, but you first read it in 2006.
    *Author of the Year - What author has made a particular impression on you or just made a huge impact in 2006 and why?
    *Misc. reading thoughts for 2006.


    *Album(s) of the Year - Must have been released in 2006, may be from any genre.
    *Music "Find(s) of the Year" - Something that you "discovered" during 2006 but it may have been released any time. The key is that you first heard it this year.
    *Song of the Year - Again, must have been released during 2006.
    *Back Catalogue(s) of the Year - What artist did you discover this year and investigated further?
    *Artist/Performer of the Year - What artist has impressed you the most during 2006?
    *Misc. music thoughts for 2006.


    *Movie(s) of the Year - Must have been released in 2006.
    *Movie "Find(s) of the Year" - Released any time, but you first saw it in 2006.
    *Actor/Actress of the Year - Who has particularly impressed you this year?
    *Misc. movie thoughts for 2006.

    Pop Culture:

    *Person of the Year - You decide the criteria (most influence, etc.)
    *Pop Culture Moment(s) Or Trend of the Year - What will 2006 be remembered for?
    *Misc. cultural thoughts for 2006?


    *What theological Truth(s) has particularly "hit home" for you this past year?
    *What have you been meditating on throughout the year? In what areas have you grown the most this year and why?
    *Has any particular Scripture really impacted you this year?
    *Misc. faith thoughts for 2006?


    This is where you can include anything you think I should have, thoughts about the Cardinals winning the World Series, what have you. Notice that I don't have a "Sports" category, so if you do, it would go here. Please e-mail submissions to me at (or submit them in the comments section) no later than Saturday, December 23, 2006. When all the submissions are in, I will post them all and include my own as a source of seeing how God has impacted all of our lives through various means.

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    BK said…
    Book of the Year: Reinventing Jesus. It did a great job of updating some of the information that I regularly use in defending the truth of the NT on the Internet, and also provided ammunition for answering more . . . shall we say, offbeat questions.

    Book Find of the Year: The Big Over Easy by Jaspar Fford. What a great concept for a book -- a detective that investigates nursery crimes.

    Author of the year: none.

    Music: David Crowder Band, Collision. Great music coupled with some unusual vignettes makes it a treat.

    Music find of the year: The Watch. If you like Peter Gabriel's Genesis, this is great.

    Misc. Music thought: popular music is in an atrocious state. There is so little good music being released that musicians should be embarrassed.

    Movie of the Year: Chronicles of Narnia. Great story well done.

    Theological Truth of the Year and Particular Scripture: The idea that Job, after he had all of his things taken from him, fell down in worship. Man, that's faith!

    Misc. Faith Thought: The battle is underway. I am sorry to see so many people falling to the dark side.

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