What Are the Best Songs About the Resurrection?

What are your favorites from any tradition, including classical, country, praise & worship, contemporary Christian, Christian rock, gospel, and soul? Here are mine so far, with links to samples or lyrics:

The Champion, by Carman

Perhaps the most original yet orthodox interpretation of the resurrection into song. Typical of Carman, which means unusual for everyone else. Captures the spiritual conflict preceding the resurrection and Jesus’ ultimate victory. I loved it as a teenager and still enjoy it today.

Arise My Love, by NewSong

A soaring celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, with attention given to the love between God the Father and His Son, and towards us as adoptive sons and daughters. Ends with a rousing declaration of the meaning of the resurrection.

Rise Again, by Dallas Holm

One of the more somber songs about the resurrection on my list. The focus is on Jesus’ suffering as a reflection of His incredible love for us. The resurrection is the crowning evidence of that love.

He Lives, by Various

I love old hymns and this is one of my favorites. This one declares the lasting significance of Jesus’ resurrection in today’s world and in our personal circumstances.

Easter Song, by Keith Green

Another soaring song declaring Jesus’ resurrection. Less contemporary than Arise my Love but still one of my favorites.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today, by Scott W. Brown

I like this song by other artists, but love Brown’s version. Fast, exciting, and celebratory.

Celebrate Jesus, by Hosanna

A simple, joyous praise song of celebration. What Hosanna Music (now Integrity) is best at.

Love Crucified Arose
, by Michael Card

One of the longer songs of the list. More soft and paced than the others, but more reflective on the meaning of the resurrection to Jesus and to ourselves.

So that is my list. I tend to like the declaratory expressions of victory and celebration, though a few or the more somber songs have caught my ear.

Care to add to the list? What are your favorites?


Janell Price said…
Thanks for sharing these with us. I sing Celebrate Jesus all the Time and especially like He Lives.

Here’s a peppy victorious one you might like: Up From the Grave He Arose. http://ehymnal.com/upfrom.shtml
Layman said…
Thanks for helping me remember "Up From the Grave," that is a good one.
slaveofone said…
Hmm, never heard any of these...probably don't want to hear most of them...

It seems the resurrection is not something frequently sung about... I couldn't find a single song in my entire CD collection (over 250) besides a few classical pieces and some songs that make passing mention. Makes me wonder why... Just saying Yeshua was raised from the dead doesn't say much about their understanding of that event...and anyone can give it their orthodox theological reason--because he's God or whatever... But how many undestand what resurrection really means in all the facets of its ancient Judaic, eschatalogical meanings, or what it meant symbolically in that ancient world-view--or even what it meant politically and sociologically? Perhaps it is not as often sung about because it is not really understood...
Layman said…

What kind of music do you like?

Interesting point about understanding the resurrection. There are more songs that come to mind, especially older hymns, about the Passion than about the resurrection. But when I consider the more charismatic Praise and Worship songs, off the top of my head more focus on the resurrection than the crucifixion, though there are probably more references to Jesus "dying" for us.
RazorsKiss said…
The Easter Song is actually by 2nd Chapter of Acts, just FYI :D

Good list!

http://2ndchapterofacts.com/history.htm - 9th paragraph :D

They were good friends, and often did each other's songs.
Layman said…

Thanks for the info. I did not know that.

Also, I want to be clear that when I list an artist with the song, I'm referring to my favorite version of the song. I'm not necessarily referring to its writer.
Pilgrim said…
This is a good list, at least the five I'm familiar with.
How about Handel's Hallelujah Chorus? Wasn't The Messiah written for Easter?
Anonymous said…
Happy Day by Tim Hughes or Jesus Culture

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