An apology to Dr. James Tabor

In an earlier post, I expressed my opinion that Dr. Tabor's book The Jesus Dynasty was seeking to ride the gravy train of the Da Vinci Code movie along with other books like The Jesus Papers. Dr. Tabor was kind enough to respond to the post, and pointed out that his book was scheduled for publication long before he knew when the Da Vinci Code movie would be released. Specifically, he said:

My comment had to do with the "gravy train" remark, now repeated twice, which I think is not only out of place and rude in a civil discussion but slanderous toward a researcher who presents in print a life-long work, as I explained in my original post. Being an apologist is one thing, being nasty is another. The clear implication of that phrase is that I published this book in order to ride some publicity wave and cash in. In point of fact both Baigent's book and the revelation of the Judas Gospel were moved up a week, originally scheduled for Easter weekend, out of fear that my book, coming out April 4th, would preempt these works. My date was set over 18 months ago, with no knowledge of anything coming out at this time, including the DaVinci Code...So the whole attempt to cast me in this light is unfortunate.

I have no reason to doubt Dr. Tabor's word on this, so I acknowledge I was wrong and hereby apologize to Dr. Tabor for the remark. I withdraw my claim that it was published to capitalize on the publicity of the movie. I apparently jumped to a conclusion (wouldn't be the first time), and it was not warranted in this case. So, Dr. Tabor, if you are still reading, I apologize to you, personally.

I still have reservations about his book, and I am looking forward to reading it. But I am curious if Dr. Tabor would care to elaborate on the last sentence of his comment where he says "That you could think I somehow agree in any way with the Jesus Seminar is beyond me...since my thesis is the opposite of theirs, but that is another issue..." I would be truly interested to hear in what way you see your work as differing from theirs since I may be wrong on that issue, too, and I want to make sure I understand your point of view. I hope Dr. Tabor would give a brief response.


Jennifer said…
Very good. It takes a big person to apologize.
Weekend Fisher said…
So more piggybacking off of the anniverary of the Resurrection than off of Da Vinci? Hmm. The seasonal anti-Christian pageant, which has become quite the annual tradition.
Anonymous said…
I want to compliment Dr Tabor on hisintegrity and graciousness on the Ted Koppel segment following the Lost (rather,found) Jesus Tomb program.

Any rudimentary stress test of the Ted Koppel and the other panelists would reveal that Mr Jacobovici and Dr Tabor (only) were unthreatened by the discussion. They were singularly polite, balanced, fair and mature, while the so called moderator was biased and twisted statements,misrepresented the acutal evidence and the film, in effect doing what he accused (falsely) Mr Jacobvici of.The other experts were so stressed and denigrating that it was obvious they were in fear states.

I commend Dr Tabor for his total calm and non-defensiveness while responding to their attacks with facts and clarity. He tried valiantly ,but to no avail,bring the real issues to the fore and detangle the false issues from the real ones.
Anonymous said…
It is important to note the nexus between Dr.Tabor and David Horowitz of the UIWU when reading Dr. Tabor's writings. Especially, when considering gnostic belief systems that can be associated with the Da Vinci Code, freemasonry and kabbalistic thought. Mr. Horowitz's former affiliation with the kabbalistic anti-messiah Moses Guibbory should set off red flags to all discerning spirits.

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