Vox Weekly Edition I is here! -- How is Jesus' death a Sacrifice?

After a delay (caused largely by my work schedule), I am finally getting around to posting the first Vox Apologia Weekly (a mere 30 hours late). As with any start-up, the submissions were few, but the submissions were of good quality. So, without further adieu, here are the entries responding to the question: How is Jesus' death a Sacrifice?

The first to post on this topic was an excellent blogger (and CADRE member) Andrew of Theo Geek with his post entitled "Jesus' Death as a Sacrifice". In this post, Andrew reviews the stages of development of sacrifices in religious traditions, and examines Jesus' sacrifice as both a cultic sacrifice and a moral sacrifice -- a very interesting view.

The next post is by one of my favorite bloggers and a former contributor to CADRE Comments, Weekend Fisher. Her post entitled "VA Weekly: Why Jesus' Death is a Sacrifice" is very short and references readers back to a post she wrote in October 2005 entitled "On Atonement". The latter post examines the question of why God chose to sacrifice the Son of God as the means of salvation. As usual, very thoughtful.

RazorsKiss contributed to the Vox Apologia Weekly by submitting "Was the Death of Jesus really sacrificial?" His own synopsis reads: "I think you're asking the wrong question. Since Jesus is God - of course He knew His death was not permanent. However, that is not the operative factor in why it was important - nor does it matter. The importance of His death lies in His identity and His perfection - not in His knowledge." Another must read.

Finally, I have submitted my own entry, entitled "Jesus' death as sacrifice". I believe that the question as posted is a little too vague, and try to look at a couple of ways that Jesus' death is a sacrifice while also providing an answer to a deeper question I often encounter when discussing the crucifixion with skeptics.

That's it. The next Vox Weekly will be . . . well, delayed for at least a week (making it the Vox Semi-Weekly, I suppose). Details will be posted when available at RazorsKiss' blog.


Weekend Fisher said…
You know, Darrel Pursiful (Disert Paths) also did a piece on this recently in response to basically the same question:
Darrel's piece here

If our friendly neighborhood skeptic stops by my blog (Hi there), I'd rather you read the short one that BK linked first for starters. That's the one directly about the definition of a sacrifice. The second link is to an old piece I'd done on atonement theory awhile back.

Take care & God bless

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