Win A House Free!

Here is a chance for an atheist to win a free house.

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Dramatic representation, not my actual house

This offer is true and valid. All you have to do is prove Jesus never existed and I will deed my house to you.

By "prove" I mean furnish a verifiable quotation from a First Century source that says Jesus didn't really exist as a man in history.

Free house, peer and beam foundation, real wood floors, no foundation problems at all. (You have one month to produce the results).

Moreover, here are more prizes in exchange for proving other things:

Prove the miracles at Lourdes are a fake, win my car.
Prove JFK was not assasinated, win my dog.
Prove bigfoot doesn't exist, win a free year of posting unmolested by Metacrock
Prove the earth is falt win $10,000 dollars, personally given by me (available only in "blue country" currency).

I have had experinces with the cheap ploy of offering money to prove things before. The alledged amazing Randy offers some large sum of money for proof of any miraculous or supernatural event. Oddly enough, we won't accept the idea that the host is infused with supererogatory merit as a supernatural event. That's dumb, my theology books form Perkins all say it is.

The somewhat amazing Randy has never included any analysis of the miracles at Lourdes. I e-mailed him and asked him why he had not. He did not respond. I told him he should give the Catholic church the money. His answer is not repeatable in this forum. This led to a rather raw and ridiculous exchange of very amazing e-mails. I thought, I am having a "p-ing contest with this famous guy--if I have to have contact with a famous person, why this person and why this way?" It was not at all as fulfilling as my email exchange with Judy Collins. After that I was in love with her. I thought, well, when she see I have all her albums its sure to mean something. That didn't work out either.

It is such a cheap ploy because the one offering the money always structures the argument in such a way that no one can fulfill the requirements. Thus the illusion is created that the test is accurate because no one ever wins. When I lived in New Mexico there was a minister of an extremist fundamentalist church who ran an ongoing advertisement in a little thrift sheet stating that he would give $5,000 to anyone who would prove that the Bible teaches that Jesus is our "personal savior." Well, I argued until I was blue in the face that what it says means that he's our personal savior, but because it doesn't use that exact term, of course he doesn't have to give the money.

Of course, this is all in response to the "Rational Response Squad" and their offer to give money to anyone who can prove jesus did exist. Of course they demand a First Century person saying that Jesus existed", and guess what? This person has to be "objective." So if we show Paul or Clement of Rome or any Christian saying Jesus existed, well they aren't objective. What about Josephus? They will never admit, regardless of what scholars say, that the TF isn't tweeked. Atheists will say anything (at least the "Jesus-myth" kind). To the other passage in Jospheus, the "brother" passage, which is rarely criticiqued as a forgery, they say "can you prove its the same James? the same Jesus?" So even when you produce some evidence they just refuse to see it as evidence.

After all, its not objective because their subjective view point says it's not!

It's easy to prove your viewpoint when nothing ever counts against it. It's easy to make your view immune to evidence, just refuse to recognize anything as evidence except that which supports your claims.

By the way, my house is up for forecosloure, but I will deed it to you for a month if you can prove that someone in the first century said Jesus of Nazereth didn't exist. After that, its up to you to make the mortgage company care.

This contest broght to you by The Hysterical Ninja Christian response squad (Hilarius the Aussie Pope founder).

(edited for spelling 7:41 a.m.)


Anonymous said…
"All you have to do is prove Jesus never existed and I will deed my house to you."
“By "prove" I mean furnish a verifiable quotation from a First Century source that says Jesus didn't really exist as a man in history.”
Be more specific when you say "Jesus", Jesus who?
Of course a Jesus must of existed but if this is a trap of words then I can understand why you would post this.

Danielle Tremblay.
Anonymous said…
i would love to win the home if it be ur will god aman

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