Questions about homosexuality and silencing Christians in Canada.

I personally believe that the Bible speaks very clearly against homosexuality in various chapters. I am aware that other Christians feel differently, but I don't think that any Christian would claim that my position is completely unwarranted based upon a reading of the text of the Bible in such places as Leviticus 18 and Romans 1. Thus, it seems that in the interest of freedom of religion, no one would disagree that I would (or should) be within my rights to be able to speak freely about what I (and many other people) interpret the Bible to read, right?

Well, such is apparently not the case in Canada. According to an article entitled "North of border, gay marriage spurs social revolution" in the StarTribune, to speak out openly in Canada that the Bible calls homosexuality is a sin is punishable by law.

Today, Canada is combing through its laws and institutions to remove evidence of heterosexist discrimination. Terms such as husband and wife are now forbidden across the spectrum of Canadian law and government programs. The legal meaning of parenthood is being transformed, with consequences no one can predict.

Henry says Canadian schools are becoming battlegrounds. "Children will have to be taught about homosexual acts in health class, as they now are about heterosexual acts. Books that promote same-sex marriage are being introduced in some elementary schools. In one action, complainants have demanded 'positive queer role models' across the whole curriculum. If parents complain, they'll be branded as homophobes." Sound farfetched? People who disagree with same-sex marriage risk charges of hate speech. In British Columbia, teacher Chris Kempling has been found guilty -- and disciplined -- for defending male-female marriage in newspaper opinion pieces. [Bishop Frederick Henry of the Catholic Diocese of Calgary, Alberta] himself has been hauled before the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal for promoting traditional marriage in his pastoral letters. "The human rights tribunals have become like thought police," he says. "In Canada, you can now use the coercive powers of the state to silence opposition."

I would like to see if any Canadian readers has any comments on this article. Is it really that bad? Is it legally actionable in some way to speak about homosexuality from a conservative Biblical point of view? Is there not a corresponding freedom of religion or freedom of speech clause in the Canadian laws that can provide shelter? Anyone know?


Jay McHue said…
The Strib seems to have dropped the article. Can't even get to it via Google News.
BK said…
Fascinating. I didn't note the date of the article, but I didn't think it was more than three weeks old (the date at which the StarTribune says that they pull articles off their server). The language of the article that I posted still stands, however, and I would like some insight from anyone who has any personal knowledge or experience as to what is going on in the Great White North.

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