Poem for Maundy Thursday and Easter

Tom Graffagnino, yet another friend of the CADRE, has published another poem, but unlike most that I have linked to the CADRE site, this poem deals with the majesty and mystery of the Passion. Entitled "Only Jesus Knew the Score", it reads, in part:

When they sang the Hymn that evening,
Only Jesus knew the score...
Those glad and joyful verses,
Hid the pain that was in store.

Jesus saw the torture coming...
The crown of thorns pressed on his head;
He knew the mocking and the scourging,
Even as He broke the Bread.

He saw The Cross and Roman soldiers;
He understood those painful signs,
That the Prophets had once spoken...
Even as He poured the wine.

He knew well there at The Table,
Of the wicked heart of man....
He saw clearly Calv'ry's bloodshed,
And nails driven through His hands.

He knew the pain, the spit, the laughing...
He knew the spear would pierce his side;
He knew death by crucifixion,
Was how Messiah had to die.

As always, I encourage everyone to visit his website (go to the page "Essays")and read the rest of the poem as well as many of his others. Good stuff, Tom.


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