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Not a headline you would expect to see. Not one that you have seen. But apparently that is the most realistic scenario public-school officials are coming up with in their effort to conduct "realistic" terrorism drills.

School officials in New Jersey envisioned just such terrorists as the villains for a terrorism drill at Burlington Township High School. As the Superintendent stated, "We need to practice under conditions as real as possible in order to evaluate our procedures and plans so that they're as effective as possible."

So, what was the most realistic scenario they could come up with?

Two police officers pretended to be right-wing fundamentalist Christians who did not believe in the separation of church and state. After a girl was expelled from school for praying in class, the strict constructionist Christians forced their way through the school's front door gunning down students and taking hostages. Oh, these Christian terrorists were members of a group called the "New Crusaders."

In Michigan, public school officials conducted another mock terrorism drill with homeschoolers, yes, homeschoolers, as the terrorists. Here is the description from the plan itself:

The exercise will simulate an attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled. Under the scenario, a bomb is placed on the bus and is detonated while the bus is traveling on Durham, causing the bus to land on its side and fill with smoke.

Amazing. There are real terrorist threats. There are real threats of violence against schools. But neither are from Christian groups who are concerned that we have gone beyond reasonable notions of "separation of church and state" in public schools or who want to home school their own kids. Moreover, if this is how the public schools view Christians, can Christians be blamed for their concerns?


Absolutely outrageous.

My tax dollars are paying for this. I want my money back.

I just wonder if it isn't a case of wanting to prepare the schools for a terrorist attack from Islamic Nazis but -- in the typical effort to be politically correct and not offend Muslims -- they chose to offend the only group in America it is okay to offend: Christians.

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