Apollos.ws Offer for Readers of the CADRE

Apollos.ws, a very fine academic resource for Christian research and education, has recently sent us an e-mail with an offer for the readers of both the CADRE Comments and the CADRE website which I wanted to pass along. According to the e-mail I received Apollos.ws has set up a special discounted membership page that everyone can use to join Apollos.ws.

According to the link to the discount page for CADRE readers, all of the following can be made available for a discounted membership price:

Member Network

This is a list of all the current Apollos.ws members along with their locations and email addresses. It also includes a members only discussion board. This allows you to communicate with other individuals about topics on this site. This is a network of relationships that all Christian thinkers could benefit from.

Content Subscriptions

Once you login as a member every page has a subscribe option on the top right of the screen. Anytime a page is updated that you subscribe to you will be notified in your email. You'll never again have to search our database looking for updates to your favorite categories. Instead, you'll automatically be notified of all changes and additions that interest you. You can subscribe to as many pages as you want. This is a great feature for people doing serious research on specific topics.

Site Tracker

This is a page that displays every change to the site in real time. Every comment, every post, every blog entry, and every database addition is recorded to the site tracker. You'll be able to monitor all site activity from one location. It's hard to overstate how valuable this tool is. It will become your primary window into the world of Christian thought.

Premium Content

Our premium members will be able to access content that others cannot. We are currently working on recording Alvin Plantinga's articles as mp3s for our premium members. Once his are completed we will start recording the articles of other popular Christian thinkers.

I am a big fan of Apollos.ws and encourage everyone to consider taking advantage of this offer.


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