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Doxa: Christian Thought in the 21st Century, has refurbished its historical Jesus pages, with much new material on Talmudic mentions of Jesus. The Talmudic evidence presents a special problem. The basic sources from with the Mishna drew go back to the first century, but proving it's talking about Jesus of Nazareth is a problem. The Talmudists left themselves Plausible deniability by taking out the name Jesus from almost all records. Some whole passages were left out in several expunges that began in Poland in the sixteenth century. In most cases Jesus is merely called "such a one." The Jews did this avoid persecution, but it also serves the Jesus myth strategy because any claim that such a passage proves Jesus existence is met with "that's not talking about Jesus." But the essential evidence is that of Celsus the pagan anti-apologist. Celsus tells us he had secret information on Jesus' life given him by the Jews. The things he quotes coincide perfectly with several of the Talmudic references that date from the (first century) Mishna. The Doxa Pages also have more evidence on lost Gospels and their tendency to portray Jesus as a flesh and blood being in an earthly life.

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