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From Dateline NBC Friday: Secrets of the Da Vinci Code:

Friday, May 26, 8 p.m.: Secrets to the Code
It's the fiction that launched the phenomenon that will not stop: The DaVinci Code. It's now a blockbuster movie, and started with a mega-selling novel loaded with intrigue and ancient mysteries. But what's the truth? With some leading scholars and theologians, Dateline deconstructs the Davinci Code and its controversial theories about Jesus and Mary Magdelene.

Everyone pull up a chair and grab some popcorn -- looks like tonight's episode of Dateline NBC is gonna' be a real hoot! After all, it's always fun to watch the reporters who don't really know much about Christian history blandly accept the views of people like Dan Brown as deserving of equal respect as scholars who have actually studied the New Testament and take it seriously.

But maybe . . . just maybe, the reporters will critically examine some of the absurd claims behind the book and movie and simply say that their review shows that The Da Vinci Code is filled with almost nothing but false or unsupportable claims.

Naw, I don't expect that either.


Many thanks for the heads up!

Perfect timing for use in my small group.

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