New Year, study harder!

For the following year, each of us should study harder. We should try to broaden our information bank and perfect what we already do know. We need to engage ourselves more into the culture also. Christianity is not an isolated worldview, it's an all encompassing worldview that impacts all facets of life. Thus, we should try to grow spiritually this year as well. These are two big tasks, but they are attainable with a little discipline.

Let me give some of my readers some advice:

  • Try to read the Bible every day
  • Have an active prayer life
  • Study more then you ever have
  • Reflect on the things you do know
  • Don't get stressed out because your arguments don't persuade everybody.

This last point is especially important. There is no reason why we should ever stress out because a skeptic doesn't find all of our arguments persuasive. Indeed, he may not find any of our arguments persuasive. Just as long as we do our homework and are prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in us, we ought not to be ashamed that we don't see success. It could be that people are just stubborn or don't want to listen. Whatever the reason, we shouldn't get depressed our mad that our arguments aren't accepted. There is more going on beyond the scenes then just arguments and persuasion. Indeed, a person's heart must also be dealt with! Let us not forget this. We need to ask ourselfs this important question: Are we trying to win the argument, or are we really interested in showing them the truth? In showing them the truth (by arguments, by giving them things to think about, and by your loving attitude towards them), your apologetic will be ever more brillant. I advise each of you (fellow Christians) to take heed this advice and consider it. I’ll try my best to take my own advice as well.


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