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A Rational Look at Christianity; Basing Reason in Truth

In an earlier post, BK did us all a favor by providing links to reviews of the latest skeptic attempt to give some legitimacy to the hopelessly illegitmate theory that Jesus never really existed. My friend GakuseiDon, author of Earl Doherty, the Jesus Myth, and Second Century Christian Writings, has written his own review. His conclusions:

I find that he presents inaccurate information as fact, and provide evidence to that effect. I conclude that, whatever the validity of the subject, Flemming's documentary should be viewed for entertainment purposes rather than education. I strongly urge anyone interested in this topic to follow up on some of these points for themselves, rather than take my word or Flemming's word for it.

Read the entire review for some sober analysis and check back as GD adds further analysis.

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