"Why the Church needs apologetics, even when the lost won't listen"

Mark Coppenger, in an article for the Illinois Baptist State Association, shares his views on why apologetics is good for the church.

He writes,
"But it's been my experience that the will is more often the problem than the intellect. Men don't want a Lord, they don't want someone interfering with their agendas. Rather than admit this (to themselves or others), they toss out arguments to lend their indifference or hostility to God an air of sophistication."
I can relate to this in spades, and so can all of the apologists in the Cadre.

Take a look at Coppenger's article. He shares his top 10 reasons why apologetics is good even if the lost won't listen. Some of his reasons resonate with me. Others, less so. How about you?

I wonder what the Cadre's "top 10 reasons apologetics is good for the church" would look like? Maybe I will find out in the comments below.

(Hat tip: The A-Team )


BK said…
That is an awfully good question, and one I will have to think about a little more closely. I will certainly try to come up with my own top ten reasons (although I suspect that they will largely echo the article you linked). Thanks.
Weekend Fisher said…
Aw, man, I'm back on my soapbox in response to this. Which, considering what I said, I ought to think twice about. LOL.

Take care & God bless

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