Conservatives and Christians Divided on Intelligent Design

In an article entitled, "Don't Fear the Designer," Tom Bethell comments on the divide on the right about intelligent design. Conservatives such as George Will and Charles Krauthammer have had some rather nasty things to say about proponents of intelligent design. Closer to home but less hostile is the Cadre's own Bede, who is sympathetic to fine-tuning arguments but much less so to proponents of Intelligent Design as science.

This divide is an interesting one and I appreciate Bethell's raising the issue. However, although he does a good job of summarizing the arguments of critics of materialistic evolution he spends little time discussing the reasons behind the divide. To me that is the more interesting question.


Sleep-Deprived said…
Interesting question about the reasons behind the divide. I think your last two posts are striking at the heart of division across the world right now. Something has happened to our ability to order our apologetics regarding a vast array of topics from religion, to science, to politics. And I think it is rooted in our inability to discuss and agree on some "minimal facts" established by historical evidence.

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